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Spray Painting Booths

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Are you ready for your next Annual Location Compliance audit? If you're unsure... I'm sure we can help.

We can help you navigate through the myriad of requirements. . .
Regaining your annual Location Compliance Certificate can be a headache if your documentation and electrical certificates aren't up-to-date. Whether you've built your own spray painting booth or installed a certified OEM setup from a specialist manufacturer, we can help you make it through your next audit with minimum disruption to your business.

Applicable Standards. . .
The Primary reference for all electrical installations in NZL is The Electricity (Safety) Regulations. The 'Regs' direct installers to AS/NZS 3000 for general requirements and then the AS/NZS 4114 series Standard which is the 'go-to' Standard for Spray Painting Booths, Designated Spray Painting Areas and Paint Mixing Rooms. Part 1 describes the requirements around Design, Construction and Testing; and Part 2 sets out the requirements for installation and maintenance. Inspection and certification requirements are also set out in Part 2 with other requirements covered by AS/NZS60079.17.

Who does what?
Following installation, YOU are responsible for maintaining your equipment and recording all maintenance activities.

Your ELECTRICAL INSTALLER will issue an Electrical Certificate of Compliance plus an Electrical Safety certificate once they've finished their work and connected the power supply.
An ELECTRICAL INSPECTOR's job is to inspect and certify it by issuing a Record of Inspection. They will then submit a High-Risk record to WorkSafe NZ/Energy Safety for inclusion in their High-Hazards Risk Register. A validated periodic assessment is then required every four years.
Your LOCATION COMPLIANCE CERTIFIER will carry out annual inspections and audits and will issue a Location Compliance Certificate.

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