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Verification Dossier Preparation Program

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What is a Verification Dossier?
An extract from AS/NZS60079.14 states; "A Verification Dossier is a set of documents showing the compliance of electrical equipment and installations." Often referred to as a VVD, Section 4.2 in this Standard sets out the requirements.

What does a VVD look like?
The VVD can be as simple as a folder containing the manufacturer’s operating and maintenance instructions, drawings, location site certificate (if required), electrical compliance certificates (past and present), maintenance records, and a statement made by the owner confirming the address and other contact details.
VVD's can also be computer based system however a physical electrical compliance certificate is still required to be issued by an examining authority (like us) which then describes where the VVD and its collection of files is being held.

VVD's are required to be available for audit.

How can we help?
Simply put, we can help you to create one or we can help to update your existing VVD.

If have a VVD, no problem, an audit will ensure it's up-to-date and covers all the areas it needs to. It will identify all the risks and will detail the strategies in place to mitigate those risks. Furthermore, it will explain what actions will take place in the event of a near-miss, an incident or an accident.

If you don't have a VVD, again, no problem. We can either help you build one by providing you with a checklist or we can build one for and with you using one of our templates.

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