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Verification Dossier Preparation Program

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What is a Hazardous Area Verification Dossier?
The Hazardous Area Verification Dossier can be as simple as a folder or ringbinder containing the manufacturer’s operating and maintenance instructions, drawings, location compliance certificate, electrical compliance certificates (past and present), maintenance records, and a statement made by the owner or operator confirming the address, contact details and the purpose of the installation.

An extract from AS/NZS60079.14 states; "A Verification Dossier is a set of documents showing the compliance of electrical equipment and installations." Often referred to simply as the Dossier or VVD or HAC, Section 4.2 in this Standard sets out the requirements.

Do I need one?
If you own and/or operate a high-risk hazardous area installation then the answer is YES, there is a regulatory compliance requirement for one.

What does a VVD look like?
The Regulations and Standards do not provide a ‘standard’ format or layout for the contents within a Dossier, but they do identify what needs to be in one.

The VVD will identify all the risks associated with the installation and will detail the strategies in place to mitigate those risks. Furthermore, it will explain what actions will take place in the event of a near-miss, an incident or an accident at your installation.

VVD's for larger sites can be in hard-copy or computer based. Having a VVD does not negate the need for Electrical compliance certificates rather they provide a place where these and other related documents can be held.

VVD's are required to be available for audit. We have a standard 7-section format:
Section 1: Owners Statement
Section 2: Area Classification
Section 3: Equipment Details
Section 4: Drawings
Section 5: Installation documents
Section 6: Inspection documents
Section 7: Maintenance Records
Details available upon request.

Recent case
A Plant originally built in 1968 had undergone several updates, and changes in its manufacturing processes throughout the years. During an onsite assessment it was identified that their documentation was incomplete and should therefore be brought up to date. We were able to include documents from our extensive library of equipment datasheets and Certificates of Conformity too.

The result is a client set up for future audits AND their engineering staff in possession of a reliable information base upon which to plan and execute future plant updates. The maintenance staff also value having access to the same information.

How we can help!
Simply put, we can help you to compile a VVD if none exists, or we can update, audit and/or certify your existing Dossier.
We're experienced at creating VVD's and can produce any necessary drawings too.
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