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Examples of PV Solar installations we've inspected and certified. . .

Photovoltaic solar power systems basically consist of sunlight acting on a solar panel that via a chemical process, creates some form of electricity. They can be complex and on the domestic front, they come in two differing types. 

1. Micro-Inverters are where the output of the panel is AC at a voltage ready for immediate use.

2. A DC-system is where the outut of the panels are DC and conversion to AC takes place at an Inverter located somewhere on your property.

Storage battery banks can be connected to both types of system. Micro-Inverter based systems will require additional equipment.

Sellers do a good job of identifying which system best suits your lifestyle and budget. We do not sell or promote any specific brands or system types but will happily inspect and certify your completed system.

Our role as inspectors is to provide an independent audit and certification of your system once it's been installed. You can expect rigorous testing and a thorough set of checks that will ensure the electrical safety of your system is what it should be.

We also provide annual and bi-annual follow-up checks as outlined in the Standards. Our checks will identify and record issues including panel degradation.

Call us if you need regulatory compliance advice. 

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