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Pre-Purchase Auditing

Our Services

Are you looking to buy a new property, a used motorhome or caravan, or replacement machinery for your workshop? Are you wondering how good the electrics are? If so, we can help...
Our services include the auditing of anything electrical anywhere anytime. And yes we've been off-shore too.
We can ensure that the 'new' home you're looking at; the one which once housed someone else's past; is electrically safe and doesn't harbour any unidentified issues.

Perhaps you're getting something built overseas and want to make sure it complies for use in New Zealand?
We know the requirements set out in the NZ Electricity Act, the Electricity (Safety) Regulations, AS/NZS3000 and we can reference any applicable New Zealand recognised Standard to help you confidently make that purchase.
Our easy to follow, easy-to-read reports are available soon after our checks are done and we'll give you an on-the-spot verball assessment if you need it 'here-and-now'.
We report to you on the current condition of the item, and if there are compliance issues, we can make recommendations. We can also identify possible issues that may need to be addressed in the future.
Now all you need to do is call us on 0274 456-459
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