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Location Compliance Certification

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What is a Location Compliance Certificate (LCC)?
A hazardous substance Location Compliance Certificate may be needed where explosive, flammable or oxidising substances are stored or used and the quantities involved exceeds the thresholds specified in the legislation.

Do you need a LCC?
If you identify a hazardous substance location at your site, you will need a Location Compliance Certificate. If there are electrical equipment such as electric motors, fans, heaters, lights, power outlets, paint mixers, heat trace systems etc involved - they will each need to be certified.
How can you get a LCC?
Worksafe administer a Register of Compliance Certifiers. As the person in charge of your site you must engage a WorkSafe certified Compliance Certifier who will assess your site and issue your Location Compliance Certificate.  Here is a list of Compliance Certifiers who may issue the certificate.
How can we help?
Depending on the type of installation, Periodic Assessments may be required. The requirements are set out in the applicable Standards and can vary infrequency with some types not being required for up to 48 months. Check with your inspector (or us) for confirmation of details.

LCC's remain valid for up to 12 months. and we can inspect and provide certification for all your electrical equipment. It's what we do.
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