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About Us
"We are committed to matching our Clients needs with the requirements of the relevant regulatory compliance Standards and we invite you to give us the opportunity to show you how"
Sam Ponga - Director
The Electrical Inspector Ltd was created in 2008 in response to a request from a local gas treatment company for a hazardous areas electrical inspection service that specialises in Periodic Assessments (aka Verifications/re-inspections). We were later asked to include the inspection of newly installed equipment and carry out pre-delivery inspections on equipment manufactured in other countries prior to them being dispatched for use here in New Zealand.

Since then we have added the inspection of new equipment and periodic assessment of electrical equipment in Combustible Dust hazardous areas, Binary Cycle Power Generation Plants, Chemical Production Plants, Chemical manufacuring facilities, Bio-Gas Flares, Co-Generation Plants and other types of manufacturing plants.
In a word, we now provide a full specialist electrical inspection service in areas of high-risk throughout New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific Islands and Asia.
Our role has since changed with our first client; we helped them to introduce and implement the "Continuous Supervision" model of perioidic assessments allowed for in AS/NZS6009.17 and we've improved our baseline services in the areas of plant maintenance and the inspection of new Projects. We value the confidence they first showed in us and trust they'll continue to prosper using our jointly developed systems.
Our ongoing mission is to help our clients – present and new - to create and maintain a compliance system that is easy to work with and which will meet all present and future compliance requirements.

We are also experienced with the inspection and on-going certification of Spray Painting Booths, Paint Mixing Rooms, Dangerous Goods Stores, Photovoltaic (Solar) power generation systems and mains parallel generation systems.

We are able to help you create easy-to-use equipment tracking systems that can be used to record equipment details, all work history, and notify you when regular maintenance routines are due. 

These are things we're well practised at and because we use "everyday" programs from well-known existing office suites, it makes it easy for you to update and maintain your own records, if you'd prefer. Our systems integrate easily with existing Asset management systems such as SAP®, Oracle®, Greentree®, Meridian® and other proprietary systems.

Further, we are authorised to issue Warrants of Electrical Fitness for transportable installations such as Motorhomes, Caravans and for temporary accomodation units like Portacoms and Sleep-outs.

If you need clear concise practical independent electrical advice, give us a call.
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