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FAQ Photovoltaic (Solar) Systems

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Photovoltaic (Solar) Systems

Who can inspect my PV system?
The Regulations require your newly installed system to be inspected by a Registered Electrical Inspector. 

Often your installer will engage one of your behalf but you are free to engage an inspector of your own as long as they have the correct compliance competancies. The inspector will carry out the checks outlined in AS/NZS5033 or other relevant Standard and then issue a Record of Inspection. They will also register your system on the WorkSafe Energy Safety's High-Risk Register. You can see a copy of the recorded details on the Register by looking up your address on this link.

Reminder - an electrical inspector who has participated in the design, supervision or installation of your system is NOT allowed by regulation to inspect your system.

Is there a requirement for regular checks?
Yes. In addition to the maintenance procedures described to you by the installer or noted in the manual provided at the time of installation there is a table in AS/NZS 5033 that sets out regular things that you can do as the owner and other things that will require technical support.

It is increasingly common for systems to be remotely monitored (RM) with smart software and a local display which you probably already find is very helpful. It makes it easy to see current usage, check on settings and it can even display input/output information PLUS recall historical trends. 

RM has its limitations though so you might want to also engage an experienced person capable of carrying out specific electrical tests on your system; someone who is also able to assess the physical condition of such things as connections, the array structure and any batteries that are conected to your system.
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