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FAQ Hazardous Areas - Dust

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Hazardous Areas - Dust

Hazardous Areas and Explosive Atmospheres

How do I know if my facility has a Dust Hazardous Area?

Does equipment in a hazardous area have to be regularly checked?
Yes and AS/NZS60079.17 describes the two main methods of doing this. Firstly and most common is by Periodic Verification aka Periodic Assessment, where items are checked at least once every four years (Standards are currently being reveiwed and the Draft is looking to reduce this frequency to 3 years). Some items may need to be checked more regularly either because of manufacturer requirements or because of technical or operational use. Typically this involves the engagment of a part-time competant person whose primary role is to inspect, audit and report.
Secondly there are "Continuous Supervision" provisions which may apply where equipment that is regulalrly used, visited or maintained by personnel who are deemed to be competant; may "pass" the item as being suitable for purpose once they've finshed working on the equipment. These provisons apply where oversight is provided by a Technical Person with Executive Function (TPEF).
The pros and cons of each method are varied and we can provide you with a presentation to help you choose which method best meets your needs.
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