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What sorts of things need a WOEF?
Transportable buildings
Caravans, tents and motorhomes fitted with elecrical services

Portacoms, portable offices
Transportable buildings will have been issued with a Certificate of Compliance following construction. Once they are ocated somwhere they will need a Warrant of Electrical Fitness. The WOEF will remain valid until the building is moved or relocated OR when a four year period expires.

How much??
We have a set fee for performing Warrant checks. Ask us for a copy of our latest fees.

Caravans, motorhomes, & specialist vehicles.
In almost all cases we'll be able to issue a Warrant on the spot. . . except . . . if a fault is found that needs to be attended to.

Things to think about before contacting us. . .
   Is your motorhome or caravan RCD protected? If not, ask your electrician to install or provide you with one.
   Where is the electrical supply cord? Is it ok? no knicks, damaged insulation or exposed conductors at either end?
   Is the supply cord permanently attached to the caravan or is it a plug and socket arrangement? If the latter, check to see if the cord anchor is near the appliance socket inlet and that it is secure?
   Do you know where the switchboard is located inside your unit?
   Do you know where the earth wire is that's attached to your chassis or frame? Is it labelled?
   Do you have a copy of your previous Warrant readily available?

We're available for advice, so please, call us.
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